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The Local Social Economic Forum (O Fórum Socioeconômico Local – FECOL) is a public space for the Conjunto Palmeira community to discuss their voices related to the socioeconomic and cultural issues of the neighborhood and surrounding areas with the underlying purpose to promote the endogenous development of the area.


Among the several decisions made by FECOL in 2010, some of the most important were:

  • Realizing the “Inverse Rally” (Comício Inverso) – an event held during local election season when mayoral and council member candidates listened to people of the community speak. During the event, the candidates listened while the neighborhood reported their problems and requested solutions. After the interviews, the candidates received the “Platform of the Conjunto,” a document including a list of the neighborhood’s major problems along with accompanying solutions.
  • Prioritization of two goals for the next two years:
1) land use regulation for all homes in the neighborhood, and
2) deployment of a conventional sewer system to replace the current , saturated system.

FECOL meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Banco Palmas.