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Bairro Escola de Trabalho (“Neighborhood Work School”)

Bairro Escola de Trabalho is a project of practical training, employment and income generation for youth aged 16 to 24 years old in which neighborhood businesses (commercial, service, etc.) train and employ young people in the community. More than 1,000 youth in the neighborhood and surrounding areas had participated within the first three years of the Program’s implementation.

The objective of the Project is aimed toward the development of the district by involving youth living in social exclusion. It is believed that community-strengthening actions such as these have reduced rates of violence among young people from the moment they find themselves valued and integrated into the social and economic life of the community which is simultaneously responsible for the well being of the region where they live.

A Bairro Escola student gaining work experience in a neighborhood commercial shop.

Innovative Aspects of the Project:

  • Provides a wide range of vocational courses for young people;
  • The training is customized: Each business can receive, at maximum, two trainees at a time;
  • Increases the chances of post-course employment as the students are trained according to the specific needs and characteristics of the enterprises;
  • The process of professional training is both an opportunity for meeting and integration among the various segments of the community;
  • Stipends allocated to each student, thereby reducing training costs for the student and enabling the service to reach a greater number of young people.

Project Components:

  1. TRAINING/INTERNSHIP – Professional training for students in businesses known as “training enterprises.”
  2. FINANCING – microcredit line up to R$ 3,000 granted by Banco Palmas, in partnership with Banco Popular do Brazil, to expand the “training enterprises,” and another credit line of up to R$ 15,000 for the incubation of new businesses for students who wish to start a collective productive enterprise.
  3. INCUBATOR – New collective business incubators created by students developing new links in supply chains.