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Social Businesses


PalmaTur is an inn under the solidarity network of Banco Palmas which promotes alternative, urban community tourism. It was initially created by 20 neighborhood women trained by Instituto Palmas’s Incubadora Feminina program to provide services in tourism and retail. Through 12 months of training with a total of 940 hours / activity, PalmaTur emerged. The idea behind PalmaTur is that there exists a Fortaleza beyond the Beira mar; the outskirts of the city too have many features worthwhile for tourists and new residents alike. The wealth from such an enterprise can be shared in a sustainable way, giving back even more to the community. The primary objectives of PalmaTur are to:

  1. Promote Conjunto Palmeira as an alternative tourist destination in Fortaleza, strengthening the local economic development and having as a base the principles of sustainability and solidarity.
  2. Guarantee work and income for the women of the neighborhood by including them in the formal labor pool.

Palma Fashion

Palma Fashion is a program created to give women suffering from drug addiction, domestic violence, and other setback the chance to learn various skills in the art of fashion in order to give them the opportunity to be their own, productive members of their society. Palma Fashion produces a diverse collection of clothing, handbags, shoes and more.

Palma Limpe

Palma Limpe

PalmaLimpe produces cleaning materials: detergent, disinfectant, bleach, fabric softener and liquid wax, and is composed of youth from the community. Training for this enterprise is provided by the municipal government and additional resources are provided by Banco Palmas.

Loja Solidária (“Solidarity Shop”)

The Loja Solidária operates out of Banco Palmas headquarters and exhibits and sells products manufactured in the neighborhood. Products are also sold at the Banco Palmas Market (Feira do Banco Palmas), a weekly public space where products made in the neighborhood are sold. It serves as an instrument to reinforce the community culture, allowing opportunities for the presentation of artists, singers, and other performers of local culture as well. The social currency is accepted at both venues.


PalmaNatus was created in 2005 and works with handmade soaps and herbal products such as syrup, rosemary, and pepper.