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Bate Palmas Company

The Bate Palmas Company taking their bows after a performance.

Member of the Bate Palmas Company

Bate Palmas is a musical youth group from Conjunto Palmeiras under the coordination of the singer-songwriter Parahyba and support of the Banco Palmas. Through its music, the Bate Palmas Company represents the culture and the history of the neighborhood while also representing the principles of the solidarity economy movement through the manufacturing and selling of its own artistic and cultural products, including musical instruments, CD recordings, art workshops, and shows and other artistic performances. Although with great emphasis on percussion, the band is, at times, also accompanied by guitar, electric bass, drums, mandolin, violin, guitar and vocals. The result is always a show full of rhythms with the influence of various types of music such as Coco, Frevo, Bumba-Meu-Boi, Maracatu, Ciranda, Rap, Going, Carimbó, Rock, Reggae, Samba, Baião and others. Bate Palmas performs nationally and takes places in collaboration activities ranging from various group workshops within the State to joint events and presentations with local groups.